What is DTG?

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing utilizes ink jet technology. Our specialized printers use aqueous ink to achieve unparalleled results. Artists can experiment with an array of colors, gradients and textures. This is not possible via traditional screen printing.

Screen Printing vs. DTG

Screen printing has been the go to process for custom t-shirts for decades. There are some downsides to the use of screen printing.

The finished screen printed product has a bulky feel over the design. Setup costs are on a per printing screen basis. Production takes a long time and does not lend itself to intricate details.

Water-based ink takes time to absorb and then cure. From there you have to wait for other processes like applying different print screens. This slowdown of screen printing is inefficient when pitted against DTG printing.

DTG printers use a type of technology that supports high-volume production. With no color limits, detailed images or artwork are a breeze

Our Technology

To answer the call of print on demand business we acquired new technology. OvalJet’s Closed Loop Technology and High speed efficiency by Epson. These DTG printers are the drivers to our high quality and longevity.

OvalJet Benefits

  • Closed loop technology
  • Flash Dryers
  • Integrated Software
  • Full Color
  • Inside Tag Printing
  • Run by One Operator
  • Unparalleled Speeds & Efficiencies

Epson Benefits

  • Advanced Ink Technology
  • Seamless Scaling
  • Multi Application Printing
  • Quick Garment Loading
  • Simultaneous Highlight White
  • Fast Garment Printing